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Linder Medical introduces the Quadro Lab for liquids


The Quadro Lab is a tabletop sterilizer developed for laboratories in need of sterilization processes of glassware, instruments, porous material and liquid. That’s why Quadro is designed to sterilize most materials and medias in the laboratory. The large touch panel [...]

Johan Wideman CEO for Linder Medical


Johan Wideman returns to Linder Medical as CEO after some time outside the Process Control Group. Having acquired the rights to Quadro from Getinge, where Johan was a driving force, Linder Medical is now in a market development phase. Following [...]

Linder Medical AB launches Quadro


Linder Medical AB is a new Swedish MedTech manufacturer that is now re-launching the tabletop sterilizer Quadro after acquiring the rights to the product a year earlier from Getinge AB. Quadro was originally developed by Getinge Skärhamn AB and launched [...]

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