About us

Linder Medical AB is a privately-owned company within Processkontroll group that designs, manufactures and sells equipment to the Infection Control market, primarily clinics and practices, under its own brand.

The product history starts in the early 1950s when Dr. Fritz Linder designs a sterilizer that will revolutionize the hospitals’ and clinics’ instrument handling. Thanks to the unique construction, Dr. Linder’s autoclave sterilized more instruments in shorter time than any other equal sized sterilizer of those days. Since then, through several constellations and different owners, the ideas of Dr. Linder still live through the family generation of today and Linder Medical AB. This heritage is shown in the Quadro, a sterilizer that provides super-fast processes and thanks to the super-ellipse-shaped chamber, a fantastic loading capacity compared to 18-liter tabletop sterilizers.

The headquarters and production are situated in the Swedish village Stora Höga, just close to Skärhamn where it all started.

Dr. Linder, nurse Gunbritt and young Gert Linder (in the dental chair).

Some sterilizers through the years. Citomat 200, Citomat 16L, Citomat 162, Citomat 164, HS11, K-series

Our tabletop sterilizer history


First sterilizer constructed in Skärhamn


AB HELINOS formed by Fritz Linder


Serial production of sterilizers starts, Citomat 200


AB HELINOS is sold to LIC (Landstingens Inköpscentral)


The company is sold to Getinge Mekaniska Verkstadsaktiebolaget (part of Electrolux).


Carl Bennet and Rune Andersson buy out Getinge from Electrolux


Getinge Skärhamn AB is founded


Production is moved to China. Getinge Skärhamn AB is closed down


Linder Medical AB is founded, production of the tabletop sterilizer Quadro is taken over and moved home to Sweden


Quadro is relaunched to the tabletop sterilizer market