Johan Wideman returns to Linder Medical as CEO after some time outside the Process Control Group. Having acquired the rights to Quadro from Getinge, where Johan was a driving force, Linder Medical is now in a market development phase. Following development of the company and its production unit, the core product the Quadro sterilizer, is being re-introduced through dedicated distributors. Production is located on new premises just north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

“It is a great pleasure to see Johan coming back”, says Linder Medical’s main owner Dag Köhlqvist. “Johan has long experience from the global automotive industry and as an entrepreneur. His experience and willingness to drive business forward will make a big difference to us; it will make us stronger as an organization and company group”.

As well as being CEO of Linder Medical, Johan will also assume leadership of the sister companies within the Process Control Group, such as PK Green Technology.

“It is healthy to bring new forces and ideas into our industry”, adds Gert Linder, co-owner of Linder Medical AB. “In a changing market, influences and thinking from other industries are important, to develop products, services and customer offers”, he continues.

“We are a fast-moving organization with extensive knowledge in our core business, infection control. This makes our offer strong and we are able to work closely with our customers. Furthermore, we have a good plan for increasing volume, continuing to build our organization and at the same time deliver with quality”, says Johan.

Johan has already taken up his position and we warmly welcome him back.