Linder Medical AB is a new MedTech-company that designs, manufactures and sells equipment under its own brand to the Infection control market; mainly to medical and dental clinics and practices. The company is part of the Processkontroll group that was founded by Dag Köhlqvist in 1970. Since its inception, Processkontroll group developed to include products and services for the nuclear power, chemical paper and pulp industries. Furthermore, biogas stations are manufactured and distributed under the brand Processkontroll GT Green Technology. All business areas have safety, quality and precision at the top of the agenda. Processkontroll also works as a subcontractor to the Swedish export industry with precision manufacturing and machining of components.

It was in this environment where Dag saw an opportunity to develop the business by integrating a complete MedTech production into the corporate group. Five years earlier, Getinge Skärhamn AB, which manufactured small autoclaves, had been shut down due to production being relocated to China. Perhaps parts of the production could be moved back to Sweden, Dag thought. Dag and Gert Linder, former MD of Getinge Skärhamn AB, asked Getinge if they were interested in selling the rights to Quadro, the latest model in Getinge’s tabletop sterilizer portfolio. This was accepted and the foundation for Linder Medical AB had been layed. An entirely new production hall has been built and to a large extent staffed by former employees from Getinge Skärhamn AB. Quadro production is now up running again, not far from Skärhamn, where the sterilizer history started more than 60 years ago.