Linder Medical AB is a new Swedish MedTech manufacturer that is now re-launching the tabletop sterilizer Quadro after acquiring the rights to the product a year earlier from Getinge AB.

Quadro was originally developed by Getinge Skärhamn AB and launched in 2012. The factory was closed a year later and production was moved to China. Now, Linder Medical AB, a member of the Processkontroll group, brings the production back to Sweden and Stora Höga, a village quite close to Skärhamn where it all started.

Quadro is a fantastic product where productivity has been the guiding star in the development work, says Gert Linder, co-owner of Linder Medical AB and former managing director of Getinge Skärhamn AB. Thanks to the unique super-ellipse-shaped chamber we achieve a loading capacity second to none if measured against Quadro’s space-saving installation footprint. In addition the sterilizer is charged with a unique energy-storing steam generator that provides steam instantly for extremely fast cycles of operation. This combination provides productivity that will serve the clinic without any bottle necks, continues Gert. The great design is not just aesthetically pleasing; with flat panels and easily accessible water reservoirs, a high hygiene level is simple to maintain. The touch panel together with the sophisticated control system provides simplicity and security.

Quadro is being launched now to selected countries through dedicated, skilled distributors with great knowledge in sterilization and hygiene. Linder Medical works very closely with the market and our distributors to support and deliver quality.