In the mid 1950s, Dr. Fritz Linder designed a sterilizer that would revolutionize hospitals’ and clinics’ instrument handling. With his background as an oral surgeon and dentist, Dr. Linder had experienced issues with non-sterile instruments and tried to find efficient and quick ways to sterilize instruments. The result of his work was a tabletop sterilizer with a steam generator that provided instant steam through a patented clever energy-storing system and a square chamber to match the trays used and thus utilize the full volume of the chamber. Thanks to its unique construction, Dr. Linder’s autoclave sterilized more instruments in a shorter time than any other equal-sized sterilizer. The result of the development work became Helinos AB and the first serial production of the sterilizer Citomat 200. This was the start of an almost 60-year tradition of sterilizer production on the swedish west coast. Since then, through different owners and sterilizer models, the ideas of Dr. Linder still live on through the family generation of today and Linder Medical AB. This heritage is shown in the Quadro, a sterilizer that operates extremely efficiently thanks to the super-ellipse-shaped chamber and super-high loading capacity. The headquarters and production facility are situated in the Swedish village of Stora Höga, close to Skärhamn where it all started.