Johan Wideman CEO for Linder Medical

Johan Wideman returns to Linder Medical as CEO after some time outside the Process Control Group. Having acquired the rights to Quadro from Getinge, where Johan was a driving force, Linder Medical is now in a market development phase. Following development of the company and its production unit, the core product the Quadro sterilizer, is being re-introduced through dedicated distributors. Production is located on new premises just north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

“It is a great pleasure to see Johan coming back”, says Linder Medical’s main owner Dag Köhlqvist. “Johan has long experience from the global automotive industry and as an entrepreneur. His experience and willingness to drive business forward will make a big difference to us; it will make us stronger as an organization and company group”.

As well as being CEO of Linder Medical, Johan will also assume leadership of the sister companies within the Process Control Group, such as PK Green Technology.

“It is healthy to bring new forces and ideas into our industry”, adds Gert Linder, co-owner of Linder Medical AB. “In a changing market, influences and thinking from other industries are important, to develop products, services and customer offers”, he continues.

“We are a fast-moving organization with extensive knowledge in our core business, infection control. This makes our offer strong and we are able to work closely with our customers. Furthermore, we have a good plan for increasing volume, continuing to build our organization and at the same time deliver with quality”, says Johan.

Johan has already taken up his position and we warmly welcome him back.

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Linder Medical AB launches Quadro

Linder Medical AB is a new Swedish MedTech manufacturer that is now re-launching the tabletop sterilizer Quadro after acquiring the rights to the product a year earlier from Getinge AB.

Quadro was originally developed by Getinge Skärhamn AB and launched in 2012. The factory was closed a year later and production was moved to China. Now, Linder Medical AB, a member of the Processkontroll group, brings the production back to Sweden and Stora Höga, a village quite close to Skärhamn where it all started.

Quadro is a fantastic product where productivity has been the guiding star in the development work, says Gert Linder, co-owner of Linder Medical AB and former managing director of Getinge Skärhamn AB. Thanks to the unique super-ellipse-shaped chamber we achieve a loading capacity second to none if measured against Quadro’s space-saving installation footprint. In addition the sterilizer is charged with a unique energy-storing steam generator that provides steam instantly for extremely fast cycles of operation. This combination provides productivity that will serve the clinic without any bottle necks, continues Gert. The great design is not just aesthetically pleasing; with flat panels and easily accessible water reservoirs, a high hygiene level is simple to maintain. The touch panel together with the sophisticated control system provides simplicity and security.

Quadro is being launched now to selected countries through dedicated, skilled distributors with great knowledge in sterilization and hygiene. Linder Medical works very closely with the market and our distributors to support and deliver quality.

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Linder Medical AB – A new Swedish tabletop sterilizer manufacturer

Linder Medical AB is a new MedTech-company that designs, manufactures and sells equipment under its own brand to the Infection control market; mainly to medical and dental clinics and practices. The company is part of the Processkontroll group that was founded by Dag Köhlqvist in 1970. Since its inception, Processkontroll group developed to include products and services for the nuclear power, chemical paper and pulp industries. Furthermore, biogas stations are manufactured and distributed under the brand Processkontroll GT Green Technology. All business areas have safety, quality and precision at the top of the agenda. Processkontroll also works as a subcontractor to the Swedish export industry with precision manufacturing and machining of components.

It was in this environment where Dag saw an opportunity to develop the business by integrating a complete MedTech production into the corporate group. Five years earlier, Getinge Skärhamn AB, which manufactured small autoclaves, had been shut down due to production being relocated to China. Perhaps parts of the production could be moved back to Sweden, Dag thought. Dag and Gert Linder, former MD of Getinge Skärhamn AB, asked Getinge if they were interested in selling the rights to Quadro, the latest model in Getinge’s tabletop sterilizer portfolio. This was accepted and the foundation for Linder Medical AB had been layed. An entirely new production hall has been built and to a large extent staffed by former employees from Getinge Skärhamn AB. Quadro production is now up running again, not far from Skärhamn, where the sterilizer history started more than 60 years ago.

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Linder Medical – Taking the Swedish industrial history into the future

In the mid 1950s, Dr. Fritz Linder designed a sterilizer that would revolutionize hospitals’ and clinics’ instrument handling. With his background as an oral surgeon and dentist, Dr. Linder had experienced issues with non-sterile instruments and tried to find efficient and quick ways to sterilize instruments. The result of his work was a tabletop sterilizer with a steam generator that provided instant steam through a patented clever energy-storing system and a square chamber to match the trays used and thus utilize the full volume of the chamber. Thanks to its unique construction, Dr. Linder’s autoclave sterilized more instruments in a shorter time than any other equal-sized sterilizer. The result of the development work became Helinos AB and the first serial production of the sterilizer Citomat 200. This was the start of an almost 60-year tradition of sterilizer production on the swedish west coast. Since then, through different owners and sterilizer models, the ideas of Dr. Linder still live on through the family generation of today and Linder Medical AB. This heritage is shown in the Quadro, a sterilizer that operates extremely efficiently thanks to the super-ellipse-shaped chamber and super-high loading capacity. The headquarters and production facility are situated in the Swedish village of Stora Höga, close to Skärhamn where it all started.

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