Quadro Lab

The Quadro Lab is a tabletop sterilizer developed for laboratories in need of sterilization processes of glassware, instruments, porous material and liquid.

That’s why Quadro is designed to sterilize most materials and medias in the laboratory. The large touch panel provides a user-friendly and clear user
interface with multiple selectable views. Quadro also gives you the opportunity for documentation and traceability. Connect a label printer or ticket printer. The modern design blends nicely into the work environment.

Quadro Lab version
Liquid sterilization with balanced cooling

The Quadro Lab’s liquid process is designed for open bottles and liquids with a boiling point of 100 degrees. The load sensor is placed in a control bottle and thanks to the precise temperature monitoring and pressure control, the temperature in the liquid can be balanced to avoid boiling while keeping the total process time as short as possible

Standard process Quadro

Process type Program Load type
Instruments Wrapped 134 °C Wrapped / Unwrapped,
Solid, Hollow, Porous
Instruments Wrapped 121 °C Wrapped / Unwrapped,
Solid, Hollow, Porous
Test program B&D, Helix Test pack
Test program Leak test  –

Lab options

Process type Program Load type
Liquid Liquid 121 °C Liquid in open bottles with
boiling point 100 °C
Liquid Liquid 110 °C Liquid in open bottles with
boiling point 100 °C
Customized Liquid 106 – 121 °C Customized process
Highest loading capacity

The quadric chamber shape provides an almost 100% usable volume to be compared to round chambers, where there is an approximate non-usable volume of 25% if using standard trays.

Example load capacity liquids

The table below shows capacity with standard tray and tray holder without

Bottle type Number
500ml, 86 x 115 mm 6
250ml, 70 x 138 mm 8
Effortless maintenance

With its clean, smooth covers and the big, open water reservoirs providing 100% accessibility for cleaning to prevent biofilm, it is simple to maintain a high level of hygiene. To use Quadro is even simpler – just fill or drain water when Quadro asks for it. Or you install it to the mains water supply through a filter and drain and Quadro takes care of it by itself.

Integrated process release and documentation

To secure patient safety in today’s modern dental- and hospital clinic, there are high demands when it comes to documentation and traceability of the hygiene process. Quadro provides an excellent support through an integrated documentation and release system. You decide how you manage the documentation in your clinic. From a standard printer or storage of processes on a USB-memory stick, to a local network connection with process release directly on the big touch panel.

Environmental concerns and thinking in design

Thanks to its small outer dimensions and low weight Quadro is easy to install in limited spaces. But it is not only the space Quadro saves; lower weight and smaller dimensions means less pollution in transport.

Details that make the difference

What is it that make Quadro to what it is? Quite often it is in the detail when it comes to unique features. Quadro is filled with technical innovations that together form a well-functioning unit. Here is a selection:

Steam generator

The Quadro steam generator is unique in its construction since it stores and provides much more energy compared to what you momentarily get out from the power plug. This allows energy to be released in an instant and convert water into energy-rich saturated steam ideal for sterilization. All this on an ordinary 10 ampere fused power supply. The elements are never in contact with the water which provides a long lifetime. We believe so much in this that we give 10 years warranty on the elements.

Super ellipse chamber

The super-ellipse-shaped chamber is precision made in one piece of stainless-steel sheet that is deep drawn with a force of 3000 tones and produced without any welding. The design results in a sterilizer chamber with super finish.

Safety chamber door

When the door is closed it is locked with two locking pins, which gives a robust and user-safe construction. Compare this to other sterilizers where the door is locked with just one locking screw.

Technical specification Quadro

External dimensions (w × d × h) 454 × 575* × 480 mm
Chamber dimensions (w × d × h) 250 × 340 × 250 mm (usable space for dental trays is 313 mm)
Chamber volume 18 liters (0.7 cu.ft)
Chamber design pressure 2.7 bar
Chamber regulations PED 97/23, EN13445
Chamber material ASME 316L, EN 1,4571
Door material   316L, PED EN 5754 (JBA/ASME EN 2014T6)
Max load 6 kg (instruments) / 2.5 kg (porous material) / 2,8 liter (liquid)
Feedwater quality max. 10 µS/cm, demineralized
Tank volume; Clean water tank / Condense 4.9 liters / 4.9 liters
water temperature ≤50 °C
Total wattage 2 200 W
Electrical connection (max variation) 1N 230 V AC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rating 10 Amp
Noise level, A-weight 48 dB
Weight 53 kg